Friday, June 7, 2013

Sample Society June 2013

Hello Darlings!
        I got my first Sample Society box yesterday! Yay! The first thing that really stuck out with me about sample society is that they ship UPS so my package arrived very quickly and came right to my door instead of sitting out in the Florida heat. And they have 24/7 customer service so they answered all my questions very quickly! Lets jump right into the box because I know that's what everyone wants to see!

ALSO! I did an unboxing video for this on YouTube!! Check it out here:

The Box

      So this is the box it came in. The shipper is on the left and the box the actual products are in is on the right. Its a nice box, not as nice or as big as the glossy box though.
 This is what the inside looked like. Not much else to say here... :)
What I got!

Illume Desert Tulip Scented Candle

This is my favorite item in the box! It smells so amazing. The card says it has red tulip, lily, raspberry and musk but I have to tell you that it is such a good smell. And you can smell it right away when you open the box. I love it and would repurchase the full size even though it is $22. The value of this sample is about $5. But it is a really good size sample and according to the back it will burn for 10 hours.

ECRU Sea Clean Shampoo 

I haven't had the chance to try this yet so if anyone has let me know in the comments what you thought of it. I will say that I do love the smell of it! Its a very clean smell. The retail on the full size of this is $19 so that makes our sample worth $4.75. but again its a really good size sample. You can get 2-3 washes out of it even for long hair.

Murad. Exfoliating Clenser

Again, I  haven't tried this and I might but not anytime soon. Sample boxes have been sending me a lot of exfoliating stuff recently and to be honest I need to catch up. The consistency of this one is nice, but I really don't care for the smell. To me its really chemically. This sample is woth $5.50 and you can get a full size for $36.00.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar

  This product... yes it moisturizes. But i really cant get past the smell. It really smells so so bad. Its something else that's very chemically. I had really high hopes for this because I had head such good things. But I would not buy this again. And I wont use it anymore. And this little sample is $15 on the sephora website!! What a waste to actually spend that much on it. 

Stila Lip Glaze

The color they sent me is called "Apricot 08" and its a very shear color. This is almost full size and retails for $22. But... I really really hate this product. It has a nice shine to it, but I can't get past the taste! Its so bad! It's also very sticky. Which I wouldn't expect from a $22 product! I'm so disappointed in this since I was most excited to try this when I saw it.


$52.25 worth of prducts for a box I spent $15 on. Not bad at all. I really liked this box and I cant wait to get my box next month

On a side note: While I was writing this i got an e-mail from Birchbox saying I was off the waiting list and officially able to  subscribe! YAY!

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