Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Loot Crate June 2013

WHOOT! I got my Loot Crate finally! I was really excited to get this box and it did not disappoint. I didn't do an unboxing video because I am getting ready to attend Florida Supercon in Miami next weekend. But I promise that I will do a video for this box next month.

The Box

 The Stuff

Love the variety in the box!! This months theme was mash-up. I think they did a really good job pulling off the theme!

BIC Tech Stylus 2 in 1 pen

This is such an awesome item! The black end is a pen and the blue is a stylus! The stylus works perfectly with my android phone and my Ipad. It also works really well with my touch screen monitor. That is something I was surprised about. retail value is $6.

8 - Bit Glasses

These glasses are not only stylish but offer great UV protection too! I really love these glasses, they are way more comfortable then they look! And I love that they are orange and black which are the colors of the Loot Crate! Retail price is $6.

Dead Pool-Aid T-Shirt

This is my favorite item in the box. I love this shirt. I was worried the I would get a men's large shirt considering this is a gamer box but before sending the box Loot Crate e-mailed me and requested my sizing info. And sure enough I got a Ladies XL. And it fits me perfectly! Retail price is $15.


I love the mario and ninja turtle sticker! It so cute and a perfect example of this months theme.  Im guessing the retail for both these stickers is around $2.

Loot Crate Wall Tangrams

These are stickers you can put on your wall and then move them around to play with the shapes. Will I use these? No. But it is a cute Idea and I will hang onto them just in case. Estimated value $1.


Who doesn't love candy? Yay. Value is around $1

Stan Lee's Comikaze Golden Ticket

You can use the code on the back of this ticket to see if you get a free 1 or 3 day pass, a 50% discount or a 20% discount on a ticket to this event. Seems like a great idea, however, this takes place in California and I live in Florida, even with a free ticket I couldn't afford to go. But I didn't win anyways. My ticket was good for 20% off.


Loot Crate costs just under $20 a month and the value of this box is $31. I think the actual cost of the box is about $13 and the rest is shipping though. Not bad at all and I really loved all the high priced items in the box. If you want to get signed up for this awesome subscription service please click this link! Get Loot Crate!

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