Friday, June 21, 2013

Beauty Army June 2013

Hi Darlings!
      Sorry this took so long. I actually got my Beauty Army, Birchbox, and Ipsy all on the same day this month. But its here now. You can check out my unboxing video here: Other then that lets jump right into the amazingness!


I got a white box this month, maybe next month I'll get a pink one! :)

Hello Gorgeous

I love the tips that are included each month!

Addiction NV Cosmetics - Line Up

This is a gel liner in the color Jail Bait. On the website the color is described as black with purple glitter. This is a full size item and retails for $16. I really like this color. I have been experimenting with Gel Liners recently and I am really excited to try this one out!

Mark. Scanda-Lash

Last month I got this in black and I was only kinda happy with it. The formula doesn't have that "POW" that I look for in my mascara, however, I don't have a brown mascara so I am happy to add this to my collection. This is full size and retails for $6.50

Mini Kittour - Just In Case

I love this little jar! There are just so many uses for it! This retails for $3.

COLORSMASH - Hair Shadow

Ok, someone help me out here. The full size is 0.11oz and our sample is 3g, isn't that just about the same? I think that this is close to a full size product. Full size retails for $15. Hair chalk is all the rage right now. I have used other brands but I am very excited to try this out. I really feel like in the long run though buying human hair extensions in the color you want is better then this. The color here is called "Rags to Riches"

Skinn - Color Touch

This is a product that you can use on your eyes, lips, or cheeks which I think is a really cool idea. However, for me the color just didn't work out. It comes off so shear that you can't even tell I've put it on. This is just under a full size product and is valued at $13.40.


Enspri - Sheer Ceramide and Beyond Moisture

Honestly, I won't use this but I will give it to my mom to try out! Our sample is worth about $4. 


Beauty Army is $12 a month and our box value is..... $57!! Wow! I really do love Beauty Army and I highly recommend getting a subscription!

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