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GlossyBox May 2013

Hey Darlings!
     I'm so excited to be doing a review of my first Glossy Box today! Ive kinda gone through a lot with glossy box this month. When I first signed up and paid for my first box, somewhere around the 8th of May my account didn't show that I was an active subscriber. I emailed the support team and they got back to me right away saying it may take a few days to update, which it did finally update about 6 hours later. Everything was fine until the 21st. The Glossy Box facebook page said that poxes were shipping! And I was excited until I checked my account to see that my box was still pending. (It gives you a 3 step process: payment - packing - shipping, and mine was still on payment) Concerned, I emailed the support team again. This time with no response. After two days of my box still pending I checked their facebook again to find out that people already got their boxes! This time I tried private messaging them on facebook. I got a response with in the hour saying that the boxes ship out in waves and not to worry. I got the email on the 28th saying my box had shipped. I checked the tracking to find out that my box had been shipped on the 22nd, they had just failed to email me. As on the 24th my box had departed shipping facility. There was no movement of my box for 8 days, so once again I wrote to Glossy Box on facebook on the 31st. They replied, but told me basically that it would be there when  it got there. Finally on the 1st my box arrived. I was annoyed because as of the first its no longer May, therefore not a May box but a June Box. At least I got my box though, some are still waiting.

The Box

 The box comes with a mini magazine that is only slightly interesting to me. Other than that the box is very good quality, and can be reused.
 I love the inside of the box, its so cute and was like opening a present.
 This is what my box actually looked like when I opened it up, a bit messy, don't you think?


Info Card

This card comes with your box and explains what the theme is for the month. This month is Glossy Box's anniversary in the USA so that was the theme. On the inside is the list of products and the full size values.


My box included a free wax from the European Wax center which I won't be using. I dont wax, never have never will. And a coupon that expires 3 days from when I got my box to Ulta. You have to spend $15 on a Sebastian item and you get a free hairspray. Something else I wont use. 

Amorepacific Color Control Cushion Compact

 I was really excited to try this product out at first. It is supposed to be a sunscreen, moisturizer, and have complete coverage

 The size they sent me is 0.14oz/4g. Its TINY but enough to try it out so not a bad sample. The full size runs $60 so for this size the value is $15.60.
 When I opened it I was scared, it looks really dark. The color they sent me is Almond Blush number 106.

It's way, way not my skin color. They have a survey when you sign up where you pick your skin tone. After looking on line a lot of people were complaining that they didn't get a color that would match them. So I'm disappointed. As far as the product goes though I was very happy with the consistency, but that's about all I can say since I wont get to use it more.

Etre Belle Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask

I haven't used this yet, but I will update when I do. It says to use before bed, which I will. The full size includes 10 masks and is $39.50. This is just one at a value of $3.95.

I used this, and I really really wish I hadn't. It didn't smell good and it didn't stick to my face very well. And it was really gooy. So I do NOT recommend this.

European Wax Center

The Exfoliate and Slow It Body Wash

Both of these samples are 4ml. Tiny, I'm sorry but that is not enough body wash to try out. At all. The full size body was retails for $20. The exfoliate I will probably try out. The full size Exfoliate retails for $38. One thing I have to say as that these products are not tested on animals, so yay! The value of these samples? $2.02

My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer

This is a cool product, I did try it and It did like it. Its a primer and a moisturizer. It comes out as a clear gel and spreads really easily and it doesn't take much so this sample is more then enough for a few uses. The sample is 10ml while the full size is 60ml. The full size is $68. So our sample value is $11.34. I don't think that even though I liked this product that I would buy it again just because it's so expensive.

Nicka K New York  Absolute! Perfume Stick

 The packaging for this product is really cute.

 I was a bit apprehensive about a solid perfume stick. But I will never know if I like it because it smells awful! The scent is (I believe) Parc de 59. And its just does not smell good. It's a very mature scent and very, very heavy. Also this is the only full size item in my box retailing at $14.99. But for a full size its TINY. I took a photo of it in my hand for comparison.

 Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray

This is supposed to be a volumizing spray gel. As  rule, I don't use gel on my hair, so I sprayed it on my hand to get a feel of what the product is like, and I really liked it. It smells really good and isn't as gooie and sticky as regular gel so I think I might give this product a  try. This i1.7 fl oz and the full size is 5.07fl oz. The full size retails for $19.95 so this little guy is worth $5.95.


This box cost $21 a month, and the total value of my box is $53.85, was it worth it? Meh. I will probably cancel my subscription depending on next months box. I didn't find anything I really loved and the compact that I was most excited about wasn't in my color. And my box didn't arrive until June. Until next time!  

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