Thursday, May 9, 2013

Battle of the Beauty Boxes

Hey everyone!
     Recently i've discovered the most amazing thing, Beauty boxes! I know what everyone is thinking -  "those have been around for ages!"  - I know. But I recently ran across them on youtube from Kandee Johnson, who is one of my favorite youtube beauty pros. She is supporting a beauty subscription service called Ipsy. Upon further research I discovered that this company was founded by my other favorite youtube beauty pro, Michelle Phan! So I'm so excited about this I signed up right away.
     Ipsy sends out 4 -5 deluxe samples each month, though I have heard that you can usually find 1-2 full size products in them. And the best part, its only $10! I'm so excited to get my new bag. But this got me thinking, are there other services out there like this?? YES!!!
    My second subscription is to Beauty Army, this company is a little different because they allow you to pick the samples that you get each month. Is $12 and you can pick 6 samples. Now for my first box I am getting a $25 gift card to a place that does Zumba! Ill keep the rest of the stuff I picked out a secret because I'm going to do an unboxing Vlog when I get it.
     My third subscription is to GlossyBox! This box is a little pricey at $21 a month, however I was able to find a coupon to get mine for only $16. I've heard nothing but great reviews about this box and I'm so super excited to get it.
     My final subscription is to Sample Society. I really don't know much about this company except that everyone was recommending it so I figured I would try it out. This on is $15 a month. Now I don't plan to keep all of these, I figured I would try them out for a few months and keep my two favorites. There are a lot of other boxes out there that are similar, some - most - more expensive, but I really can't see spending $25 - $30 on a sample box.
     I've also considered signing up for Birchbox. But I've heard really mixed to negative reviews about them so I think I might hold off. If you would or wouldn't recommend them please leave in the comments why!
     Now I will do reviews and unboxing vids for all these when I receive them, and I'm gonna leave a bunch of links below for everyone to go check them out!
     Thanks for reading!!

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